Champions League on fire

The UEFA Champions League which is often referred to as the Champions League but was originally called the European Champion Club’s Cup or better yet the European Cup. Champions’ league is the annual continental club football competition that is organized by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) since 1955 for the top football clubs in Europe.

Champions’ league is held as one of if not the most prestigious club tournament competition in the whole of European football. The final of the 2011, tournament doubled up as the most watched UEFA final to this date.

The 2011, Champions ‘League was also recorded as being the most watched annual sporting event in the entire planet for it drew an approximate 178.7 million television viewers. Before the year 1992, the tournament was then known as the “European Champion Clubs’ Cup”, but many people used to feel comfortable calling it the “European Cup”.

This competition was initially started as a knockout competition that was only open to the champion club of every European country. However during the 1990s, this tournament started to expand and in now moved on and incorporated a round-robin group phase as well as more teams.

This translated to the current Europe’s strongest national leagues that now produce up to four teams where each for the competition. The champions League shouldn’t be confused with the UEFA Europa League that was also known as UEFA Cup.

Champions’ league consists of numerous stages. In the current times that we are living in, the tournament begins in mid-July where three knockout qualifying rounds and a play off round are held. The remaining 10 surviving teams go ahead to join the 22 seeded teams in the group stage.

In these group stage, there consists of eight groups that carry in four teams each. These eight group winners and eight runners up go ahead and enter the final knockout phase. This phase culminates to the final match that is held in the month of May.

The winner of the UEFA Champions’ League automatically qualifies for the EUFA Super Cup and also the FIFA Club World Cup. The club known as FC Real Madrid is the most successful club in the competition’s entire history.

Real Madrid has won the Champions’ League title for a record nine times that includes the first five seasons that the title came in to being. However, Spanish Clubs have been the clubs that have accumulated the highest number of victories winning a record 13 times.

The Champions’ League club title has been won by twenty two different clubs, 12 being clubs that have won the title more than a single time. Ever since the tournament changed its name as well as structure back in the year 1992, no club has ever been successful in winning the title consecutively.

Inter Milan is the last club that was able to successfully defend their title in the year 1990. The current reigning champions of this tournament are the English Club Chelsea which beat the German club Bayern Munich 4-3 on penalties.


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