Sir Alex Ferguson on Manchester wings

Sir Alexander Chapman “Alex” Ferguson, CBE was born the year 1941the date being December 31st, he is a Scottish football manager and also a former player who has been managing Manchester United Football club since the year1986.

During his tenure at Manchester United, he has made the club go through an era of success and dominance in both England and Europe making Sir Alex Ferguson become a house hold name as one of the most admired and very respected managers in the history of the game of football.

Sir Alex Ferguson previously managed East Stirlingshire and St. Mirren and he later on transferred to Aberdeen where he became a very successful; football manager. After a very short stint as a manager of the Scotland national team which he held after the demise of the then team coach (Jock Stein), he was later appointed as manager of the Manchester United club during the month of November in the year 1986.

Alex Ferguson holds a record 25 years as the manager of Manchester United football club, making him as the longest serving manager in the clubs history after which he overtook Sir Matt’s Busby’s record on the 19th December in the year 2010.

Of all current league managers, Ferguson’s serves as the longest tenure. During this 25 year period, Ferguson has won numerous awards and is known to hold plenty of records that include winning Manager of the Year the most times in the entire British football history!


In the year 2008, Alex Ferguson became the third ever British manager to win the European cup on more than a single occasion, following in the footsteps of Brian Clough and Bob Paisley.  In the year 1999, Alex Ferguson was knighted by the Queen of England for rendering his services to the game and he is also a proud holder of the Freedom of the City of Aberdeen.

Sir Alex Ferguson playing career began when he was an amateur with Queen’s Park and its here where he made his debut as a striker at the tender age of 16 years. According to his description of his first match he recons that it was a nightmare  but he was able to score Queen’s second goal making the team win a 2-1 victory against Stranraer.

Ferguson was appointed manager at Old Trafford on 6 November 1986. He was originally worried that many of the players, such as Norman Whiteside, Paul McGrath and Bryan Robson were consumption too much and was “disheartened” by their level of fitness, but he managed to upsurge the players’ discipline and United climbed up the table to finish the season in 11th place, having been 21st (second from bottom) when he took over.

Ferguson’s first game to over see at Manchester was a 2-0 defeat at underdogs Oxford United.  But during the 22nd date of November the same year his team won 1-0 defeat against QRP. This season started producing positive results for Manchester United and in the year 1987 the team finished a record number 11 on the league table!

Through out the years and under Sir Alex’s watch, Manchester United has become one of the world’s most boastful and successful football clubs in the world and has won plenty of title beating even its rival Liverpool and Arsenal clubs to remain England’s most successful football club.


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