Wembley Stadium

The infamous Wembley Stadium is a widely known football (American soccer) stadium located in the beautiful city of London, England – specifically in the suburb of Burough of Brent. The massive stadium has a capacity of an incredible 90,000 and hosts a multitude of events around the year. It currently serves as the home field for the national football team of England and was the location of the 2012 London Olympics football finals, among other top international sporting events.

The stadium was initially known as Empire Stadium and came to rise in the year of 1923. Despite the phenomenal development of Wembley Stadium, the demolition of the earlier stadium was viewed as a tragedy for many. Empire Stadium had earned the nickname of the “Twin Towers” and was an icon for members of the football community around the world. After many years of use, a complete reconstruction of the site was conducted in 2002-2007. Remains from the original field were creatively incorporated into the Northala Fields park of London. The incredible design of Wembley Stadium was developed from the notorious HOK Sport and Foster and Partners architectural companies. The distinct 440 foot Wembley arch and the partially retractable roof distinguish this stadium from any others of the sort. It’s unique overhead covering provides weather protection for thousands of fans while still relaying the feeling of a complete outdoor field. It currently stands as the second largest stadium in all of Europe and though they were ultimately unsuccessful, it played a key role in proposing hosting of future World Cup tournaments. To little surprise, the impressive stadium is also one of the most expensive stadia ever constructed – totaling to nearly 798 million pounds.

Wembley Stadium is currently under the ownership of The Football Association (the FA) and under the operation of Wembley National Stadium Limited (WNSL). In addition to holding football games for a variety of professional level teams, the stadium also plays host to many rugby, motorsport, musical events, and more. It will also serve as a location for several National Football League (NFL) games in the 2013 season. The great size and versatility of Wembley Stadium is unmatched by any other and can truly be seen as a masterpiece of the sporting world.


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