Brief guide through English Premier League

The premier league is a football competition for the English. It’s one of the most well-known football leagues in the world, but especially in England. The club actually consists of twenty different clubs, which will be expanded upon later.

History of English Premier League

The English premier league has always been a well funded program that has survived for several years. Since 1991 the Premier League has brought forth a new way of bringing more money into the way of football. While there are 20 different clubs in the premier league it continues to be an important part of the history and future of English football.


The trophy released in the English premier league is one of the most well-known trophies in the world. The body of the trophy is made of sterling silver and there are three lion’s heads on the trophy as well. While there is no specific name for the trophy the way it looks is important to the culture and to the competition within the league.


As mentioned before, the league does quite well financially and brings a stable economy to the sport of football in England. Those who play football in the English premier league are not poor and can be named as some of the richest in the “football world.”

On television

The English premier league is big on television. Without television the program would not be as successful as it is today. The league has been pronounced as one of the greatest shows on earth and continues to be a staple for not only England, but for many countries around the world as well. The club keeps getting bigger and many are not sure when it will stop growing. While it faces some criticism there is no doubt that it has been an important influence on the sports world all over the world!


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